To forum has been built primarily to discuss the upcoming games days for a small band of gamers. We will see what happens from there.
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 Ace Comics Annerley

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PostSubject: Ace Comics Annerley   Fri Mar 19, 2010 9:11 pm

Ace Comics Annerley has 2 40k days a month.

Every second Saturday of the month are little mini battles. Usually about 400 points and designed to take an hour. These are primarily to get new people into the game and to re engage older players with the new rules. Sounds pretty cool and im def considering going next time if only to check it out.

The last Saturday of the month is an all out games day with players fielding 1750 point armies.

There are literally about 20 tables there so no shortages.

Anyway I plan to check these out if only to learn the new rules if anyone is keen.

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Ace Comics Annerley
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